Gallery of Abs (and pecs and biceps!)

They say covers sell books. What readers may not realize is that authors have limited input when it comes to cover art. With traditional publishers the marketing department decides what cover will sell. But, hey, publishing is a business, and when someone else is laying their money on the line, you take what they give you. I've been lucky to get  incredible covers from Sourcebooks.  Don't you agree?     

Find their handsome faces here:

And, guess what? I made the covers for my YA books, written under the pen name, E. B. Lorow. I had so much fun doing it, I'm making book covers for other authors now too! See all the offerings here:

I have some books on hand 

I have too many books! (I know...that's not a thing, right?) Well, I can sign any of the books sitting in my office (discount for a whole series) and send what you want right away! 

Check the order form to see what's available now.

Some cover puzzle fun! 

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