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ebook, print, and some in audio


Strange Neighbors

Flirting with Fangs

Boston Dragons

Phoenix Brothers

Love Spells Gone Wrong


ebook and print

anthologies​ and duos

Anthologies contain 3 novellas

Immortally Yours anthology

Thrill of the Chase anthology

Heaving Bosoms / Quivering Thighs duo

Gods Gone Wild, duo co-written with Dalton Diaz


novellas are ebook only

stand alones and parti​al series ​

Some are awaiting sequels

Vampire Vintage, book 1 in the Be Careful What You Summon series

Tiger's Night Out, book 2

Both in paperback and all e-formats

Laura's Upcycled Life (novella)

Wonder B*tch (novella)

Love Cuffs, co-written with Dalton Diaz

available in paperback and all e-formats