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ebook, print, and some in audio


Each series contains 3 complete novels

Strange Neighbors


Flirting with Fangs


Boston Dragons


Phoenix Brothers 


Love Spells Gone Wrong

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

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ebook and print

anthologies​ and duos

Anthologies contain 3 novellas

Immortally Yours anthology


Thrill of the Chase anthology


Heaving Bosoms / Quivering Thighs duo. 


Gods Gone Wild, duo co-written with Dalton Diaz


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novellas are ebook only

stand alones and parti​al series ​

Goddess Gets Her Guy is #13 and ties up all 12 books in the first four series listed.

 Amazon link:
Laura's Upcycled Life (novella) Amazon:  

Wonder B*tch (novella) Amazon:  

available in paperback and all e-formats. 


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Books within the series:  

Strange Neighbors series: Strange Neighbors; The Werewolf Upstairs; The Vampire Next Door

Flirting with Fangs: Flirting Under a Full Moon; How to Date a Dragon; Kissing with Fangs

Boston Dragons: I Dream of Dragons; My Wild Irish Dragon; Never Dare a Dragon

Phoenix Brothers: Hooked on a Phoenix; More than a Phoenix; A Phoenix is Forever

Love Spells Gone Wrong: The Cupcake Coven; Tug of Attraction; Out of the Broom Closet

Be Careful What You Summon: Vampire Vintage; Tiger's Night Out; Where the Howl Are You?

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