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Gods Gone Wild   Life by Lizette   Vampire Vintage   Dear Sexy Lexie   Heaving Bosoms   Being Randy   Wonder B*tch   Demolishing Mr. Perfect   Quivering Thighs   Death By Delilah   Love Cuffs   Sweet Home Grand Bahama   Giggles by Gabby


Five Shooting Stars and A Recommended Read!   "Over all Gods Gone Wild is a clever blend of humor, love, and a storyline that will keep you turning the pages and wanting more of the Gods and the ones who love them."

—Redz at Redz World

Reviewers' Top Pick Four and Half Stars!  "Gods Gone Wild (Authors: Ashlyn Chase, Terry Spear, Dalton Diaz) is one divine collection.   As a lover of Greek mythology this was a no brainer pick for me and I'm so glad I chose it.  I'm familiar with all three of the authors in this anthology.  I've enjoyed many of their books in the past."

—Reviewed by Pauline Michael for Night Owl Reviews

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4.5 Stars!! "Funny, sexy, romantic, a quick read. Chase's characters are believable as is the story line. It grabs your interest from the very start with an unusual beginning. Who'd have thought 'listening in' on a therapy session could be interesting and funny? Paranormal romance fans should adore this. Put this on your wish list, or better yet go buy this, today."

Wild About Bones, Bitten by Paranormal Romance

"This was completely different then I thought it would be. I enjoyed it immensely. I fell in love with this book. It had everything it needed to suck a reader in. The author wrote an amazing book. It made me believe that love can be found anywhere and when you least expect it."

4.25 Stars, M Whelehan, Night Owl Reviews

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"Vampire Vintage is an imaginative, humorous and erotic page-turner that kept me smiling and guessing until the end. A keeper."

—Annette Blair, National Bestselling Author of The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrob

"Action, suspense, hot love scenes, humor, wit, dysfunctional families, vampires, extra paranormal characters, and just plain great writing make this story a must read. I really liked this book, Ashlyn Chase had me laughing in all the right spots and holding my breath in others, the chemistry between her characters was perfect."

—Reviewed by Catherine Smith for ParaNormalRomance.org

"Ashlyn Chase has written a vampire romance with her tongue firmly in her cheek… Although full of fun and laughs, this is a story with a great plot, some hot sex scenes and characters that leap from the pages. The reader will enjoy all the surprises Ms. Chase pulls out to entertain and give the story a lot of pep and sizzle. Go get this story right away, you will not regret it."

5 Hearts, Reviewed by Valerie for Love Romances

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"Ms. Chase packs a punch with this steamy, sheet melting romance. Lexie and Tyler's relationship will turn the readers on their ears as the story unfolds. Dear Sexy Lexie is an awesome read and should not be missed. Ms. Chase gives the readers what they want and so much more. You cannot ask for a better read, when you pick up Dear Sexy Lexie."

—5 Angels, Reviewed by Sonya, Fallen Angels Reviews

"Ashlyn Chase has a sexy as sin story on her hands with Dear Sexy Lexie. Their passionate sexual encounters were scorching, tantalizing and oh so lustful. There was never a dull moment to be found in Dear Sexy Lexie. This is one story that 'cougar' fans will enjoy."
You will fall in love with Dear Sexy Lexie and enjoy the Red Stilettos series. So far each story had delivered an enticing; do not want to put down type of read."

—5 White Dragons, Nikita Steele for Veiled Secrets Reviews

—The dialogue is great and supporting characters perfectly placed. This is a hot, funny read and the ideal length for reading by the pool or beach this summer.—

—4.5 cherries, Reviewed by Stephanotis for Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

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"This was a fun read and a keeper. I am a big fan of regular people being put into extraordinary circumstances, and I am sure I laughed out loud more than a few times. The madcap style reminded of why I enjoy similar novels by Jennifer Crusie and Janet Evanovich. I look forward to more great reads from Ashlyn Chase."

—reviewed by Gwen Hayes, Created for Romance Divas ~ www.romancedivas.com

"HEAVING BOSOMS is absolutely terrific. Ashlyn Chase has written a story filled with wit and laughter. Tonia is a spunky, spirited heroine and I love her. Raphael is a modern day knight in shining armor, or in this case, a paramedic's uniform. He is an honest and honorable man who is not just drawn to Tonia's dramatic physique, but to the woman inside."

"Chase's name is on my must-buy list from now on thanks to this highly entertaining story. I encourage everyone who enjoys a funny and touching love story to buy this one. HEAVING BOSOMS is a book with something in it for every romance reader to enjoy!"

—Reviewer, Robin Snodgrass, Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons

"Heaving Bosoms by Ashlyn Chase is a zesty romance riddled with intrigue. I found the leading characters fun and engaging. Ms. Chase stirred the imagination with a...stiletto ladle of sexy wit and arousing action to reveal a supremely saucy plot. If you enjoy romance fashionably attired in suspense, you will love this erotic thriller. Both well written and entertaining I would heartily recommend Heaving Bosoms without reservation. Take a deep breath and delve into Ashlyn Chase's Heaving Bosoms to receive instant gratification."

—By Wild Rose Press author Reece Herring

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"Being Randy is the best comedy I've read so far this year. Ms. Chase had me laughing from the first page to the last. Randy gives you a fresh look at everything...To be perfectly honest I can't wait to read this one again. Ms. Chase has definitely been placed on my automatic buy list!"

—5 out of 5 Quills, Reviewed by Debbie H.

"Ashlyn Chase has created a warm and witty book that will keep readers laughing as they go along for the ride. Randy causes non-stop laughter as he speaks his mind, tries job after job but…ultimately he gets fired over and over again. Being Randy is a book to keep you laughing long after it is finished and one that you definitely do not want to miss!"

—Alisha for Two Lips Reviews, 4 1/2 lips

"Funny, witty and downright fascinating, Being Randy by Ashlyn Chase is another one of the reasons why I am loving this author. I loved Randy, his truthfulness got him in trouble time and again...Reading about this randy coyote and his wicked ways was an enjoyable time, and his romance with Sky was the icing on the cake. Anyone that has read Ms. Chase's previous books will love this one too. Well worth the read."

—Reviewer Sheryl, 4 stars, ecataromance

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"How original! Wonder Witch by *Ashlyn Chase* tells the tale of a group of women, each with amazing powers, who are smart, sexy and unfortunately all currently PMSing…This makes for a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor and outright laugh-out-loud scenes, not to mention some seriously hot sexual encounters. Another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that the story is told from Joell's cat's point of view. It completely cracked me up...I enjoyed this witty, humorous tale of strong, smart women. I especially liked the twist at the end, which you will only discover if you read Wonder Witch!"

—Reviewed by: Trang, 5 Angels, Fallen Angels Reviews

"WONDER WITCH is a delightful romance with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. The imaginative plot and clever dialogue in this book is classic Ashlyn Chase and demonstrates her remarkable writing talent. Crowe is the narrator of this enchanting tale, providing a unique slant to the superhero legend. This hilarious laugh-out-loud tale will have readers craving more from the exceptionally talented Chase! I urge you to pick up this amusing, sexy new book as this is one story you do not want to miss."

—Robin Snodgrass, reviewer for Romance Junkies

"Wonder Witch is a wonderfully creative and very unique story…Joell is a funny, aggressive and completely kick-ass heroine who you don't want to mess with! From laugh-out-loud funny to sexy-on-the-spot, I never knew what to expect and enjoyed myself from beginning to end. This surprisingly touching love story left with me a warm feeling."

—Kerin, 4 1/2 lips, Two Lips Reviews

—It's not everyday that a book comes along that makes you giggle because it's just pure fun, but that's what Wonder Witch by Ashlyn Chase does for the reader. Part of Ellora's Cave Torrid Tarrot series(Queen of Wands), Ashlyn Chase takes you on a hot, rocking, erotic adventure that features a group of women with supernatural abilities, snarky attitudes, and real life problems with men. If you're looking for serious and heavy, this book in not for you. But, for kick butt fun and erotic situations, you won't miss with Wonder Witch."

—5 Crowns, Reviewed by Scarlet for Realms of Love

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"What a cute, funny, sexy fast-read! I have never read Ms. Ashlyn Chase's works before, but I recommend her. Her quick paced plot is certainly a new one for me and while comical, it also shows its characters to be opinionated, strong-willed, and quite believable. The relationship was explosive and so sensual that I'm sure Ms. Chase scorched her keyboard while writing! These two characters were solidly built and were obviously perfect for each other. Each had traits which complimented the other; the way the author presented this information was wonderful. I recommend this book; it's good reading!"

—Reviewed by: Brenda Talley, 4 Stars, The Romance Studio

"The sex scenes sizzle and are very creative and these two definitely scorch up the sheets as soon as they hit them! … Ashlyn Chase was able to keep my interest and wrap everything up nicely. I found every conversation and emotion very real. I for one especially like the out of the ordinary place where Natalie works. If you want to enjoy a sexy read about disregarding first impressions, Demolishing Mr. Perfect is a perfect one to pick."

—4 Stars, Kate Garrabrant for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"There is a joy about this story that draws the reader in and takes you along for the ride. With charm and wit, this novel is a definite keeper. As a very happy reader, I cannot wait to see what Ms. Chase cooks up next."

—Ecataromance—sensual, Written by Kimberley Spinney

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"QUIVERING THIGHS is the sequel to Ms. Chase's hilarious novel HEAVING BOSOMS. The two characters have hot sex...at least when her dog will let them. Kendra was a wonderful lifelike character, who could easily step out of her book. She knew that if she was found with the money, that she would be killed. Jake was hugely funny since between loving Kendra, her dog and his undercover job at the Bump and Grind Auto Body shop, he has difficulty knowing which way he is going. The secondary Characters were fun and important to the plot and the plot itself was every bit as amusing as HEAVING BOSOMS. Read QUIVERING THIGHS for a wonderfully fun read."

—Marcy Arbitman, 4 stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"This sequel to HEAVING BOSOMS stands alone, but I guess it would be even more fun if you read the earlier book. Kendra's Doberman Brando is a worthy addition. The author gives us a great cast of supporting characters at the body shop. And there's some real nail-biting tension, along with a laugh or two, at the conclusion. Kendra's Vegas past and spelling problems are truly unique, making this an enjoyable read."

—Review by Lynn Bushey for The Romance Studio

"With some very vivid characters, QUIVERING THIGHS is a fast paced read with lots of amusement. It is a marvel that I can love a heroine with a tainted past and a spelling problem. Our canine friend, Brando is a breath of fresh air as his reactions are priceless. Even though QUIVERING THIGHS stands on its own, reading it with its prequel, HEAVING BOSOMS, will make it more enjoyable. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Chase!"

—Literary Nymphs Reviewer Bramble Nymph

"QUIVERING THIGHS is the sequel to Ms. Chase's hilariously funny novel HEAVING BOSOMS. The book is character driven—Kendra is the girl next door, ditzy funny, and when her dog will permit, hell on wheels when it comes to Jake. ...funny does not cover the events that occur when they want to get together.

The secondary characters are not only fun in this wonderful read; they play a vital role in keeping the pace of the novel moving. QUIVERING THIGHS is most definitely a must read."

—Review by Jhayboy, Erotic Horizon

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*Ashlyn Chase* has a unique sense of humor… /Death by Delilah/ is an awesome corky little spicy romance. Joshua and Delilah’s love story will have readers crying with laughter from the unique twists… *Ms. Chase *gives the readers what they want and so much more in this fantastic love story. I cannot wait to see what *Ms. Chase *will come up with next.

5 Angels
Reviewed by: Sonya
Fallen Angel Reviews

Oh my god Ashlyn Chase wrote such a quick, hilarious yet hot book that is so worth reading. I couldn’t put it down as soon as I started reading it. I loved that Delilah finally has a chance to experience real love yet because of her career is afraid. Both Delilah and Joshua were great to read but I think I liked the other Delilah. She was funny, sometimes over protective of her family but the stunts she pulls are a hoot. Can’t wait for more from Ashlyn Chase and her paranormal mind.

*Score (1-5) Hearts: 4.75*
*Melinda for Night Owl Romance*

What a fabulous read! A couple who have been attracted to one another for many years, a military setting, ghostly involvement and complete fun! You will enjoy this read, there’s no two ways about it. The characters are well developed and very likeable. They know what they want and will find a way to achieve it. Their chemistry is fantastic.

Elizabeth Marie, 5 stars
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Ashlyn Chase's romantic quickie was a fulfilling read… The teasing relationship that Josh and Delilah shared that blossomed into an all consuming love affair was just what the angels looking down from their perch wanted. Their sexual encounters made me very conscious of my own throbbing body parts. This is a book that will make you say, "Wow". Enjoy it like you would enjoy a good piece of dark chocolate - slowly and thoroughly.

  ~Reviewed by Shira
Simply Romance Reviews

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I loved the absolute tongue-in-cheek way these two wonderful authors delivered up their amazing foray into this vanilla and kink tale of two individuals who find out that maybe they aren't as tame or exotic as they thought they were. With a lively sense of humor, keen wit, and some really erotic "simple" sex, both Ms. Diaz and Ms. Chase have shown they are not only good authors in an individual endeavor, but even better as a duet. This is definitely one of the most fun reads I've had in a bit.

Posted by Alternative-Read.com
—Review by WitchGiggles

orian Markoff is the owner of the club and is the hero of every woman's dreams…It is the funniest romp I have ever read…This book has everything
I look for in a romance. Hot love scenes, humor, strong heroes and heroines, a strong ending, and a taste for more.

This is Dalton Diaz's first book. I am now looking for Ashlyn Chase's back list.

—Reviewed by www for eharlequin

"I couldn't put it down! Love Cuffs is the funniest, sweetest, kinkiest tale I have read in a long while and I was sorry to see it end...The story is the perfect blend of everything I wanted in an erotic romance, everything! I highly recommend Love Cuffs and I’ll be looking for more from these authors."

—Stefani Clayton, 5 stars
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...Witty dialog, a hero to drool over, and lovely, laugh-out-loud moments, make this story a must read!"

—Delilah Devlin

"Love Cuffs is an adventurously sexy and witty novel that will have the reader fanning themselves from the flames that seem to reach off each page…Dorian and Hope are two passionately strong and compelling people that seem to stay in the mind long after the story has ended…Ashlyn Chase and Dalton Diaz have come together to create a clever voice that invites the reader into the story from the first page to the last page. …a laugh a minute scorching roller coaster ride of adventure, lust, laughs and ultimately unconditional love? This is a wonderful story that shouldn’t be missed!"

*Overall rating*: 4 hearts
*Sensuality rating*: Very sensual
*Reviewer:* *Shannon*
The Romance Studio

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Djinn and Tonic  is a wickedly interesting twist on what can happen if you find a magic bottle with a genie in it.  Wonderfully written, with enough details to allow readers to see the story for themselves in their minds eye.  Djinn and Tonic  will have you hoping for a genie like Abu. A Djinn to help you deal with all the interesting things life throws at you.  My one and only complaint about the story is...I wish it were longer!

Reviewer Dianna, for Night Owl Romance Reviews

This reviewer loves Ashlyn Chase's books and was not disappointed with *DJINN AND TONIC*. Ms. Chase delivers a humorous story with red hot sex. Misty and Justin's chemistry rolls from page to page in this quickie.

4.5 hearts, Tina - reviewer for Love Romances and More

This really was a funny tale, and I giggled through it more than I usually do in short-stories/novellas - I usually don't laugh out loud when I read at all. I think the mystical lead could show up in more books, too; he's one of the more fun supernatural characters I've read lately.

A nice “quickie” read and a good novella!

5 stars - bittenbybooks.com

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Giggles by Gabby is fun and light-hearted. Quirky characters make this story pleasant to read. The way Ms. Chase passed the time was clever.

Posted by romancereader for Seriously Reviewed

This was a cute concept…Explosive love scenes complete with giggling afterglows support the title. This is a story to whet one's appetite for more.

Elf for Night Owl Romance

This charming story is the perfect blend of paranormal, contemporary and fantasy.  The relationships between the various characters throughout this story are highly memorable and each of them made me smile in their own special way…All the couples (both living and deceased) featured in this story share a passion that is enviable and sigh worthy… and could possibly make you happy enough to giggle.

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne Rating: 4.5 blue ribbons
Romance Junkies



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