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Ashlyn Chase

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Join my yahoo group and become one of my new best friends

Join my yahoo group and become
one of my new best friends

I'm thrilled to share the title
of the third book of
my Boston Dragon Series . . .
It's Never Dare a Dragon

Coming Soon . . .

Contemporary romantic comedies . . .



"Ashlyn Chase pens some of the funniest
sexiest romances around.
I've loved every one of them."

Robin Snodgrass
Romance Junkies Book reviewer


"Ashlyn Chase is my go-to author for
laugh out loud sexy romantic escapades."
Tina Snyder, Love Romances and More book reviewer

Latest News

American Cancer Society Fundraiser
by Lachesis Publishing

American Cancer Society Fundraiser by Lachesis Publishing

For the month of June, my publisher Lachesis Publishing, is giving American Cancer Society a 30% donation AND a 10% discount when readers order books from their website and use PROMO code ACSdonate!

Just click on the postcard above to visit their website.

Available now . . .
Guardian of the Angels

Guardian of the Angels Country girl Becky Morgan knows all the women in her family have secret powers . . . and if they're not married by age 25, they're allowed to use a bit of magical "help" to find a mate.

City boy Kurt Conrad's dependable sports car breaks down in Amish country.  His phone dies too.  Now he hopes someone at the nearby farmhouse can call roadside assistance.

With no phone, Becky can't contact AAA, but perhaps she's already summoned something better.

Order your copy today—just click on this Universal link and shop at your favorite store!

Three for One Release!
Thrill of the Chase

Thrill of the Chase Three of Ashlyn Chase's (previously published by Ellora's Cave) hot paranormal comedy novellas in one book.

Being Randy

A randy coyote howling from a hilltop is struck by lightning.   He shifted into his human form to survive, but sadly can't change back.  Unprepared for life as a man, he walks naked into civilization to find food, shelter and discrimination!

Sky, a nurse in Arizona, meets Randy in the psychiatric ward.  Where else would an under-socialized naked man who claims to be a coyote wind up?  Sky's Apache ancestry knows he's telling the truth and she breaks him out of the hospital.  But what do you do with a charming coyote stuck in a randy man suit?

Djinn and Tonic

Misty and Justin are fired from a TV cooking show.  Over drinks, they plan their own show and can finally stop pretending to be just friends.  When a genie exits a rare bottle given to them by a stranger, he likes their off-screen chemistry and decides to help them on-screen as their manager.

They invent new alcoholic concoctions and test them on each other as their passion ignites.  If their cockamamie idea doesn't work, maybe their relationship will-with a little help from their voyeuristic magical friend.

Dear Sexy Lexie

No-nonsense Lexie Burns pens an advice column-Letters to Sexy Lexie-that delivers common sense with humor and a verbal slap upside the head.

Tyler Black, a younger, drop-dead gorgeous cop, has had it with empty-headed, superficial women.nbsp;  In Lexie, he sees the kind of intelligent woman with whom he could build a solid relationship-if he can convince her to acknowledge his existence.

With the help of some magical stilettos, Tyler might get his woman.and Lexie might get a desperately needed slap upside the libido.

Order your copy of THRILL OF THE CHASE today, because it will only be available on Amazon and Creativespace for three (3) months.  Purchase your copy at this Universal link.

Vampire Vintage has been in the Kindle
Select program, but now it's "going wide."

Vampire Vintage Maura Keegan, addicted to vampire romance novels, decides to add a Gothic section to her vintage clothing store in SoHo.  What better way to get a tax-deductible trip to Romania-and meet her future vampire mate?

Adrian, a sexy vampire living right under her nose in New York, owns a vineyard in France producing very special wine for exclusive clients.   It allows him and others like him to walk in daylight and avoid snacking on strangers.

He's horrified to learn that the redhead he admires is planning to visit Romania to summon a "real" vampire.  Adrian has every intention of being that vampire.  Only trouble is, she thinks he's a wino tourist intent on spoiling her fun.  A visit to his wacky Romanian family might help convince her he's for real, or send her screaming into the night.

Order your copy today from your favorite e-retailer!   Just click here!

Great news for my Australian fans, my books are now available in Booktopia stores and online at